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EPF Items Selection

Créée le Monday 05 February 2024

A selection of items from the Evdonia Paranormal Force filing cabinets and UNIX mainframe

Note: RQC is short for "requires containment"

Item number< Classification Security class Short description
O-205 Open N/A I am marked as radioactive, with the words "DROP AND RUN"
O-205 General N/A I am a Sunbeam Radiant Control electric toaster, which was repaired in Canada
P-46 General N/A Interloper found in Open-class building at Site 5 in SCP Foundation uniform
M-23 General RQC; High-Risk Local notes on SCP-3312, inc. action logs from Force Mil
P-200 Above Most Secret Non-RQC; Uncontainable A coyote
O-5363(M) General RQC; Safe; Critical Danger Pathogen, memetics section responsibility
M-60 Open Uncontainable Phrase linked to a game