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Evdonia Paranormal Force: Canon notes

The EPF canon, if you can call it that given it is entirely on my own site, assumes a linear timeline.

The use of SCPF employee characters (such as Cimmerian, Kain, and probably some others) who are based on authors on the wiki ("author self-inserts") do not imply endorsement by those authors.

On Guard 43 is soft-canon - there is assumed to be an SCPF Site 43 Huron because that is where the redline from EPF 1 Peace is run to.

Wrong Proposal (not necessarily as SCP-001, but as an event that occured) is hard canon - the timeline of EPF assumes that HMCFSCP (another new GOI and a front of ASCI, who had been contracted by HMFSCP for British North America (including Canada and Newfoundland) for convenience) stopped paying attention to Northern BC after merging with the SCP Foundation, or after Evdonia's in-canon independence.

Amnestics are assumed to not always work, and D-class are assumed to be amnesticized rather than killed where possible.

As of 1982AD, Jen Applewhite is the Research section chief, Site 1 Peace. She has regular contact with much of Site 1 operations. If it happened at Site 1, and it's scientific, or containment related, Jen Applewhite either was involved, knows about it, or has too low a clearance to know about it (e.g. it occurred at Force Intelligence or in the Force military). She is aging (exact age unknown, probably mid-50s, not anomalously extended), and her relationship status is irrelevant to all current stories involving her.

The A-director (as of 1982AD) is a job that has been held by three people, all men, and the second and the third were recruited from Site 1 at Peace (an unknown location, Peace River riparian, but in the middle of nowhere). Their identity is not classified in-universe (they regularly give talks to the entire EPF employee base), but is not known out-of-character currently. They are the closest thing the EPF has to O-5 Command.

The Force began as a UIU-parallel in a country that doesn't exist in the real world. In the EPF canon, the North of BC (as of real-life 2024, the Regional Districts of: Unincorporated Stikine, Kitimat-Stikine, North Coast and the Haida Gwaii, Northern Rockies, Peace River, Bulkley-Nechako, and Fraser-Fort George, as well as small northern portions of Cariboo) became independent from Canada, as the Dominion of Evdonia, then the Republic after 1970, a couple months or years before 1901 for unknown reasons. History was otherwise mostly the same, and BC government bodies extended into Evdonia anyway, as a concessionaire to operate crown estates for which expertise was not available locally.

The Force began as a makeshift organization founded by a desk cop in the town that would become Houston (in BC in real life; it is not entirely clear what a desk cop is doing in Houston, but I didn't want the story to be too Prince George-centric) because the Royal Mounted Police of the nascent nation had nowhere to report anomalous items to after the HMCFSCP (ASCI) left. Before 1951, use British spelling, except 'tire' instead of 'tyre'; after 1951, use American spelling (program, not programme; organize, not organise). In all years, use French «arrow quotes, without interior spacing» (HTML entities laquo and raquo) for double quotes (and ‹single arrow quotes, without interior spacing›, HTML entities lsaquo and rsaquo, for single quotes), in documents that were written by the Force (but not by Force front companies, most of which are unrelated companies the Force has a minority interest in).

The Force is interested in scientific study of anomalies, and is sort of a Foundation in microcosm (owing to its origins in someone who'd done contingent work for a Foundation precursor, ASCI), but is governed by some of the same ethical principles as the GOC, if the GOC were involved in containment rather than destruction. The maintenance of a strict Veil is of no interest to them, but there is a Veiled bias. The Force is willing to do things in service of concealment. Its existence is public knowledge; its name and purpose are not (they are publicly known as the X-Directorate, or in French, Directorat X, of the Ministry of Intelligence, formerly as the ghost guys of the Crime directorate of the Ministry of Justice). The Foundation in the EPF canon has about 10 or 15:1 military strength (in terms of pilots, weaponry, blue water navy), over the Force, but low willingness to act because of the common interest in the Veil and the fact that the Force flew under the radar for so long that absorption attempts would risk the Veil. There are also Foundation staff members who obstruct attempts to absorb the Force. At least one gets fired by the Foundation (not yet written).

The only entirely fake settlement is Locksford, mentioned in object O-5363 (first published on as "SCP-5363-UX"). If this needs a real-life location (it is not anomalous so in-canon does exist in normal space), it is near Prince George, probably up Peden Hill, at the site of a current suburb of Prince George.

The Force is not very interested in using anomalies for its own ends (think Thaumiel), however, this is contemplated as a thing that can be done within the Force object format (the equivalent of Thaumiel in the post-WSBE format is "Of Force Use") and canonically is used (no item files, only 100mph history).

For Force-custody items in the post-WSBE format which have con-procs more specific than "put it in a box" or "wiretap their teletypes", generally there are two sections: "Escape Prevention" and "Escape Recovery/Reversal" (in that order; exact wording does not matter until computerization), and sometimes a third: "Additional Procedures". In no case before 2007 (when the Force and Foundation item formats are unified as part of their co-operation treaty) are there "Special Containment Procedures" - the very existence of containment procedures implies they are somehow special. In files supposed to be initially written before 2007 and amended after 2007, the "Special Containment Procedures" should show obvious signs of having been drafted as the two separate sections Prevention and Recovery. In files last amended before the WSBE hearing, there are no item classes and no separately listed Con-Procs (except O-205, which is a blatant, if changed (those affected are aware), ripoff of SCP-426, and is classified due to its danger). (Or is SCP format only used at Site 7?)

Early item security classes post-WSBE are Safe (Safe), Uncertain, Low-Risk or Medium-Risk (all 3 Euclid), and High-Risk (Keter), as well as Of Force Use. Later item classes are Safe, Uncertain or risk classes, Cassiar. (Still not sure if this should be practice Force-wide or only at Site 7 Willow River) After the mid-2000s, with increasing co-operation and the need to reduce confusion, SCP item classes come into use Force-wide, including ACS. "Not applicable" is always an option. Item classes always also include "requires containment" (RQC) for an item requiring containment measures (even if passive).

SCPF Site C10 in Willow River (in real-world R.D. of Fraser-Fort George, BC, Canada) is numbered so as not to conflict with any already-contemplated Site on scp-wiki. The C stands for "Canada District", reflecting a jurisdiction of pre-independence Canada+Newfoundland.

Sites by number: 1, undisclosed on the Peace River. 2, ghost locker the EPF started at at RMP Houston (respective RCMP detachment does not exist in real life). 3, Locksford. 4, near Atlin. 5, Kitimat. 6, "Fort Nelson-2" (the nearest large town is Fort Nelson). After 1981, Site 7 is SCPF Site C10.

Item groups: O (letter O - spoken as Oboe before the '50s, Oscar after, or Object): object. P (Peter before '50s, Papa after, or Person): person, or object entitled to treatment as person - for which con-procs usually do not involve containment - may be POIs, may be anomalous personnel. E (Easy before '50s, Echo after, or Event): event (an extranormal event). M (Monkey pre 42, Mike thereafter, or Memetic): purview of Memetics subsections (memes, primarily coghaz, primarily infohaz).

GOI files are never classified lower than General (which is equivalent to the SCPF's level 1 classification) and EPF Eyes Only (meaning they are not to be disclosed even to personnel of allies, or the wider Evdonian intelligence community). Realistically, these may sometimes be disclosed to allies or SCPF on exchange missions.

Whoever wins and loses, fights with EPF involvement never see anomalies (knowingly; soldiers could be stealth Type Greens) used by EPF, and SCPF seems to follow the same ROE in dealing with EPF. Neither EPF or SCPF are destroyed. The general approach should be intelligence and counterintelligence-focused, as with a small military and no use of anomalies, that is the main battlefield EPF even has a chance on, and with the veil concerns and a lack of benefit to kinetic ops (Foundation would win, but at what cost to their goals?), the main battlefield that gets opened. EPF being rowted, or destroying the Foundation will never be canon. It is not impossible that EPF itself is hexed with a complex memetic effect causing all observers acquainted with anomalies to fail to consider the anomalous in destroying it, but I tend to prefer the version where EPF is just an org the Foundation has decided to tolerate.

EPF never uses jets when piston airplanes will do for private flights. Personnel transports are diesel conversions of Cessna twins, DC-3s or 6s and one 757 narrowbody jet at Prince George, and when possible, public trains or airlines. An "EPF private jet" is a misnomer. The country can be traversed in 12 hours by Cessna Skyhawk. Jet aircraft are only used for military purposes. (You can scramble a replica CF-105 to check on an identified Foundation C-5, but you can't have A-Dir and O5-6 on an EPF Learjet having [DATA EXPUNGED]. The two on a Foundation Embraer Legacy is plausible, though...)

In the EPF universe, the Hawker Siddeley Canada (Avro) Arrow was continued in development by the Force despite being officially cancelled, or Evdonia (both armed forces and Paranormal Force) somehow has more Hawker Siddeley Canada Arrows than ever existed.

Both Force and Foundation are cold, not cruel for cruelty's sake, but the Force will only use even cold cruelty if there is truly no alternative, and in no case are political prisoners used (the Force's nearest equivalent to D-class is "Ride-or-Die" which is not deceptively recruited).

Force front companies tend to be indistinguishable from normal companies, and staffed by primarily unknowing employees. They don't have acronyms that become EPF, except by pure coincidence (they might invest in an unrelated Evdonia Plumbing and Fireplace). Persons and items sought by the Force will only sometimes be able to go missing through front companies. The main purpose of EPF fronts is funds gathering and petrodollar recycling, and fronts will not obstruct Foundation operations where the Foundation is also invested or has personnel embedded.

The EPF, despite a science-heavy attitude, are country bumpkins compared to the Foundation. Evdonia is not a hotbed of paranormality, so there's less to study in-jurisdiction, and after the '70s, during the Occult Cold War the Foundation slurps up a little bit of it anyway.

Public radio and TV callsigns in the Evdonia of the EPF universe begin with XJ through XO, assigned to Canada and not used in real life.

Salute etiquette is fucking weird among high ranking officials. It's used as an acknowledgement as much as as a greet.