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EPF Anomalistics Division

Créée le Tuesday 25 June 2024

The Anomalistics Division of the EPF is the only part of the EPF which exists in the real world and actually does scientific work. In this case, the scientific work is largely sociological (understanding real-life GoIs) but is also "anomalistical", hence the name. Anomalistics is scientific UFOlogy, cryptozoölogy, and psychotronics (the Force term for parapsychology). Roger Wescott, quoted at Wikipedia (link leads to their page on Anomalistics), gives the definition of anomalistics as the "serious and systematic study of all phenomena that fail to fit the picture of reality provided for us by common sense or by the established sciences."

When you see in an Anomalistics file the notation "See your Records Control officer for more details", it means that information is controlled for a very good reason (not to be confused with "Records officer" which either means the thing hasn't been written yet or we're roleplaying) - try to contact us and ask us for information related to the file, and we will try to check if you have a good reason to see it, and if you do, we will issue you the information.