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Created Wednesday 31 January 2024

Evdonia Paranormal Force: World notes

Starts as a subdirectorate of crime, moved to intelligence. Convergent evolution with SCPF item file format after a workplace safety investigation orders sweeping changes. Both before and after, the confinement or management details are in English (although a jargon of its own is invented), not SCP jargon; Thaumiel is rendered "object helps contain another object", for instance, and Ticonderoga is "does not require containment; uncontainable". Starts as a competent collector of anomalous items warranting cataloguing but no escape prevention/response procedures.

In-world, known publicly as the X-Directorate.

Formed 1901, shortly after the independence of the in-universe country (which covers mostly real-life northern BC as well as Haida Gwaii, renamed earlier than in real-life) and as a result of losing contact with the Canadian HMFSCP (HMCFSCP?), from the earliest primarily processed low-threat oddities used in crimes (hence founding under the crime ministry). Began processing higher threat oddities and oddities not involving crimes (such as paranormal personnel, and paranormal objects entitled to treatment as personnel (a category used for paranormal personnel who resent being designated as persons)). Many people left during World War 2 as part of the Canadian armed forces (independence was not a reason to inhibit people feeling a need to back Canada, and Evdonia would have endorsed this course of action anyway); at the same time workplace accidents started happening related to poor standardization of record keeping surrounding processing, containment, secrecy, and where necessary, destruction. Multiple sites were built across the country, from Locksford (a fake town near real-life Prince George) to Atlin (the district surrounding which would be renamed Yukon County for the fact that it is only accessible by road by crossing into Yukon, Canada) and attempts were made to reach out to HMCFSCP (which had been disbanded entirely and its personnel absorbed into the international SCPF) to re-establish flows of information and objects. By the 60s or 70s a major workplace accident involving multiple "escapes" (breaches) as well as personnel becoming injured would lead to a first-of-its-kind fully-secret workplace safety investigation by the (in real-life, wholly theoretical) Workplace Safety Board of Evdonia, leading a panoply of recommendations to be delivered to the EPF: the prioritization (in files of objects of special interest for escape control) of procedures for escape control (split up as escape risk intelligence (why is the item an escape risk? outside personnel or itself?), escape prevention, and recapture/escape mitigation), the comprehensive classification of anomalies by not just object/person-OETP/event but also escape risk (safe, low, medium, high), and risk if escaped (self-recovering (loyal OETP), low disruption (relatively "boring" objects), medium disruption or danger, high disruption or danger).

I suppose there's a question as to what of D-class, then. First of all, they're not called that at EPF, they're called the HMP detail (before the declaration of a republic in the 70s), or the Justice detail (about a year after the republic, when Her Majesty's Prisons are renamed, stripping the reference to then-Queen Elizabeth Windsor). The only unifying factor is that they applied to a somewhat nebulous job that seemed like it could be related to the paranormal.

EPF item 5363, which was created while fully integrated under the SCPF, after the late 2000s, has already been published.

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